Here are grouped the various bars and cafés with whom we have a partnership.
We have special prices for the ESN Card holders so check it out below :-)
You need the "Réseau Rennes 2" sticker on your ESN Card. Ask us if you need it !


Le Mille Potes

Location : République
4 boulevard de la liberté

Happy hour from 6pm to 8pm and during the esn rennes events

Drink Price
Soft drink 2€
Organic wine or homemade "Punch" (glass) 2.6€
Pint of local beer : Tuborg or Sainte Colombe (50cl) 5€
Board of Delicatessen + Cheese + 2 glass of organic wine/beer** 10€*
Maxi Board of Delicatessen + Cheese + 1.8L Beer jug** 25€*

*Price with the ESN Card.
**Sainte Colombe or Tuborg.

Since 42

Location : République
52 Rue Poullain Duparc

Drink Price
Iced tea 2.5€
Smoothie 3.5€
Bottle of beer 4€
Tiger Bock (1.5L) 11€
Grimbergen (1.5L) 14€

Le Chat Puccino

Location : République
1 Rue des Francs Bourgeois

1 free cookie for a purchase of 8€ and more !

Le Mail


Location : Mail François Mitterand
92 Mail François Mitterrand

1€ Discount on every cocktail

Sainte Anne

Sunset Café & Annexe Café

Location : Sainte Anne
Sunset Café : 22 rue saint michel
Annexe Café : 20 rue saint michel

Happy hour from 12:00am to 01:00am (Monday to Saturday)
Special prices with the ESN Card

Drink Price
Diabolo 2€*
Embuscade 50cl 4€*
Embuscade 1L 8€*

*Price with the ESN Card.

Aux Plaisirs Démodés

Location : Saint Anne
14 rue Nantaise

Drink Price
Shooter 2€
Punch 2.5€
Pint of Stella (50cl) 4€

Le Baratin

Location : Sainte Anne
15 rue saint michel

Drink Price
Glass of Wine (Except sweet white) 2€
Pint of beer (50cl) 3.5€
Embuscade (50cl) 4€


Location : Sainte Anne
24 rue d'Antrain

Drink Price
1 meter of shooters 10€
Long drinks / Cocktails 1€ discount

Le Coin des Mondes

Location : Sainte Anne
24 rue Legraverend

Drink Price
Arranged Rums 0.5€ discount
Aged Rums 0.5€ to 1€ discount

Tio Paquito

Location : Sainte Anne
16 Rue Rallier du Baty

Discount prices except on saturdays